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Jump to new posts Re: Apple Store by Dignan @ 13/09/2019 20:28

Originally Posted By: canuckInOROriginally Posted By: DignanI also think that folks like us don't want to admit that usually/often/mostly the best stuff tends to bubble up to the top. Just because it's "the best" (and popular) doesn't make
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Jump to new posts Re: SSD upgrade woes... by mlord @ 12/09/2019 10:21

Originally Posted By: suomi35I spoke too soon I just deleted an album via Emplode and it got stuck on "Remounting disks..." during the sync. Writing (including the "remount" part) can take _ages_ on PATA SSDs and CF Cards. So
Technical / Troubleshooting
Jump to new posts Re: Hijack v526, and new bigdisk images by suomi35 @ 11/09/2019 02:35

I feel just about as special as the day my first empeg arrived in the mail 20 years ago