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Technical / Troubleshooting
Jump to new posts Re: Replacement SSD? by JBjorgen @ 24 minutes 26 seconds ago

Well, I'm starting out conservative. I dropped a whopping $6.54 for this 32gb card: If that works, I'll move to a 64gb card, then 128 if that also goes well.
Slashdot linked to this story today, possibly relevant to attendees of this year's empeg meet: Three Geeks Rescue a 50-Year-Old IBM 360 Mainframe From an Abandoned Building.
Off Topic
Jump to new posts Re: Ubiquiti Unifi setup - running very hot? by BartDG @ 16/05/2019 19:45

Originally Posted By: sn00p The first time you tried it you did give the controller enough time to provision the USG? Changes in the unifi world are not realtime, you have to wait until the controller decides to provision the changes on the device
Technical / Troubleshooting
Jump to new posts Re: SSD upgrade woes... by mlord @ 15/05/2019 23:05

As a very late follow-up here, see this slightly newer thread, where I describe findings from using an identical counterfeit Kingspec drive: